Aam Khopra Barfi

Ingredients :-

Mango – 1 Cup ( Sliced in small pieces )

Coconut – 1 Cup ( Grated )

Khoya – 2 Cup

Sugar – 2 tbsp


Method :-

Put Pan on flame , roast Khoya at slow flame for 2 min so that it becomes smooth.

Add Mango slices, sugar in khoya and mix it till mango get dissolve in khoya.

Than add  coconut in above mixture , cook till the batter start leaving the pan.

Take a plate grease oil in it.

Put the batter on the plate and garnish it with grated coconut on it.

Let it cool down .

Cut them in shape of barfi.

( They will be little soft so handle them carefully when you take out the pieces ).

Your Aam Khopra Barfi is ready.

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )


Oats Kathal Kebabs

Ingredients :-

Oats – 4 tbsp

Kathal ( Jack Fruit ) – 1 Cup

Chana Daal  – 1 Cup

Fried Onion – ½ Cup

Green Chili – 1 ( Chopped )

Red Chili Powder – 1 tbsp

Garam Masala Powder – 1 tbsp

Coriander Leaves – 3 string ( Chopped )

Mint Leaves – 5 string ( Chopped )

Lemon Juice – 2 tbsp

Salt – ½ tbsp

Water – 1 ½ Cup


Method :-

Take a pressure cooker add kathal , chana daal , water, salt. Boil it for  3 to 4 whistles till daal becomes soft.

In a bowl take out the the kathal mixture , Mash it with spoon so that kathal is mixed with chana daal and no big pieces of kathal is left in it.

Now Add oats, fried onions , green chili , red chili powder , garam masala powder, coriander leaves , mint leaves, lemon juice in the kathal mixture. Mix all the ingredients nicely.

( If you feel u need more salt, than add it according to your taste).

Wet your hands with water and make small round shape patties.

In a pan add oil and fry these kebabs till they become light golden color.

Serve it with green chili chutney.

Your Oats Kathal Kebabs are ready.

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida Khan

(Food Innovator )


Saeb K Ladoo


Apple – 1 ( Chopped in small thin cubes pieces )

Khoya – 1 Cup

Semolina – 1 Cup ( Roasted )

Jaggery – 1 Cup

Almond – 10 ( Chopped )

Pistachio – 10 ( Chopped )

Cashew Nuts – 10 ( Chopped )

Coconut – ½ Cup ( Grated )

Ghee – 2 tbsp


Method :-

Heat pan add ghee in it fry chopped apples till they become soft at slow flame.

Than add first khoya, than semolina, jaggery and mix it with apples.

Cook it nicely so that apple cubes fully get dissolve.

As the batter start leaving the pan add chopped almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts , coconut in it.

Mix all the dry fruits nicely with the batter.

Take out the batter in bowl and let it cool down.

Make small balls of the apple batter.

Your Saeb k ladoo is ready.

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )