Suba Barfi

Ingredients :-

Banana – 1 Cup ( Mashed )

Suji – 1 Cup ( Roasted and Soaked in 1 Cup Milk before making )

Sugar Syrup – 1 Cup ( 1 string consistency )

Green Cardamom – 2

Saffron Color – 2 Drops



Method :-

Heat a pan adding 2 tbsp ghee in it , put green cardamom fry till it gets golden brown.

Add mashed banana with suji and mix it well.

Pour sugar syrup slowly and slowly from one hand and from the other hand mix the batter with spoon . So that lumps does not form.

Mix the syrup nicely and add Saffron color in it.

Cook till batter leaves the pan.

Take a plate , grease it with ghee and spread the batter on it.

Let it cool down.Than cut into barfi pieces and garnish with pista on it.

Your Suba Barfi is Ready.

Enjoy Cooking …

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )


Moong Daal Bhajiya Strips

Ingredients :-

Moong Daal – 1 Cup

Methi Bhaaji – 1 Cup ( Chopped )

Water – 2 Cup

Green Chilies – 1 ( Chopped )

Red  Chili Powder – 1 tbsp

Salt – 1/2 tbsp


For Parathas :-

Wheat Flour – 1 1/2 Cup


Salt – 1/2 tbsp


Method :-

Take a pan heat it up, add 1 tbsp oil in it . Put Methi Bhaji & cook well . When oil get separated from bhaji. Switch off the Gas & keep it aside.

Take  another pan , heat it up &  add water , red chili powder , salt , moong daal in it.

When daal becomes soft , put off the flame . ( Note :- Daal should not be too much dry . Little water should be there in it. )

Add methi bhaji , green chili and cook for 10 min more. Add some oil in it.

Oil will get separated from daal bhajiya. switch off the flame. Keep aside.

Let it cool down.

For Parathas :-

Knead a dough of wheat flour with enough water.

Make flat round balls add moong daal bhajiya in it.

With the help of rolling pin. Make Paratha, put it on tawa by adding some oil in it.

When parathas become crusty. Take it out on plate.

Cut it in strips.

You Moong Daal Bhajiya Strips are ready.

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )

S4 Sandwich ( Scrambled Sweet Sev Sandwich)

Ingredients :-

Sev ( Small ) – 1 Cup

Jaggery – 1 Cup

Cardamom – 2 Crushed

Almonds – 1 Small Cup ( Crushed )

Pista – 1 Small Cup ( Crushed )

Cashew nuts – 1 Small Cup ( Crushed )

Breads – 2


Method :-

For Filling :-

Take a pan heat it up , add 2 tbsp oil in it. Put Cardamom & wait till it changes to  golden brown color.

Add all crushed dry fruits with Sev . Roast all of them at slow flame.

Add jaggery , mix it well until it changes into crumbs . ( It should luk like bread crumbs.)

Let it cool down.

Sandwich Making :-

Take 2 Breads , Roast on a pan with little oil on it.

Cut their edges.

With a round cookie cutter , cut the bread into a shape.

Put Sev Mixture in between the breads.

Decorate it with some Crushed Pistas & Almonds above it.

Ur S4 Sandwiches r ready.

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )

Milk Patha

Ingredients :-

Patha Milk – 1 Kg

Ginger Powder – 1 small tbsp

Sugar – 1 small cup

Chironji – 5 to 10

Method :-

Take a utensil , pour patha milk in it & put it on fire by adding ginger powder & Sugar.

At slow flame , slowly & slowly move the milk with spoon.

( Note :- Take care that milk does not get stick to utensil, so u hv to move the spoon continuously bt slowly.)

Automatically small pieces will start forming & water will get separated from patha pieces.

Pour the pieces with its sweet water in a bowl .

Garnish it with some chironji & let it cool down in fridge.

Serve it cool.

Ur Milk Patha is ready

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )

Rangbirangi Coconut Trifle

Ingredients :-

Mawa – 2 Cups

Coconut – 1 1/2 Cup ( Grated )

Jaggery – 1 Cup

Spinach – 1/2 Cup ( boiled it first , Blended it in mixer )

Beetroot – 1/2 Cup Juice

Cardamom – 2


Method :-

Take a pan heat it up, put 1 tbsp oil in it. Add cardamom , when it turn in golden color add mawa & saute it for 2 min . So that mawa is nicely cooked.

( Note :- Don’t over cook mawa, bcz it burns very fast. The color of mawa should be half white color when u cook it. )

After that add jaggery & coconut . Mix well

Take out the whole batter in a bowl to rest & divide the batter in 3 portions.

Add one portion of batter in a pan  by adding spinach juice in it. Cook it till whole juice mix with mawa . & start get separating from pan.

Keep it in a bowl & rest it to cool down at room temperature.

Take 2 portion in a pan by adding beetroot juice in it. Cook till whole juice mix with mawa & start get separating from pan.

Keep it in a bowl & rest it to cool down at room temperature.

Now for making Trifle –

Take a round cookie cutter . Keep it in a plate & fill first layer with beetroot batter spread with spoon nicely , than take white mawa ( ur 3 portion of batter ) press it with spoon nicely, than take spinach batter on the top .

Remove the cutter from your Trifle .

Garnish it with grated coconut on top. Put it in fridge to set for half an hour.

Your Rangbirangi Coconut Trifle is Ready.

Enjoy Cooking..

By :-  Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )


Angoor Kheer

Ingredients :-

Milk – 1 Kg

Poha – 1 Cup ( Soaked in Water ) ( Blended in mixer )

Sugar – 1/2 Cup

Grapes – 1 Cup ( Blended in mixer with pulp & 2 tbsp of its juice )

Garnishing – Pistas & Chironji

Method :-

Boil Milk , add poha in it with sugar . Cook it till Sugar dissolves in it & Kheer becomes thick.

Let it cool down at room temperature.

Mix the Grapes pulp with its juice in the kheer.

Keep it in Fridge . Garnish with Pistas & Chironji.

Ur Angoor Kheer is ready.

( Note :- Never mix the grapes pulp or juice when kheer is hot, it will spoil the kheer & excess water of grapes juice will come above the kheer. Always first cool it down than mix it with spoon. )

Enjoy Cooking…

By :- Rida  Khan

( Food Innovator )

Fried Chicken Rice

Ingredients :-

Chicken – 1/2 kg ( Boiled )

Rice – 2 cup ( Half Boiled )

Red Chili Flakes – 1 tbsp

Salt – 1/2 tbsp

Soya Sauce – 1 tbsp

White Vinegar – 1/2 tbsp

Green Chili Sauce – 1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tbsp

Zeera Seeds – 1/2 tbsp


Method :-

Switch on the gas take a pan, heat it up . Add 2 tbsp oil in it. As soon as oil gets heated add zeera seeds in it.

When zeera seeds turn golden add boiled chicken & fry it.

After that put  boiled rice , turmeric powder , red chili flakes , soya sauce , green chili sauce , salt , white vinegar . Mix all of them. Cover the pan for 15 min on a sim gas.

Check the rice, If rice is fully cooked, all flavors are absorbed than put off the gas. ( If not cooked than remain them for 5 min more at sim flame ).

Serve it hot with Tomato sauce.

Enjoy Cooking …

By :- Rida Khan

( Food Innovator )